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SHIPPING & CUSTOMS CLEARANCE CMS was build upon the experience of its sister company Unite Global Shipping for more than two decades of international freight forwarding.

SHORT & LONG TERM STORAGE CMS has expansive air-conditioned storage facilities to handle in-transit furnishing inbound and outbound, as well as affordable long-term storage options.

PICK-UP & DELIVERY Key to full services is CMS’s on-call pick-up and delivery of small, individual items to large, complete households. We deliver.

CENTRALIZED RECEIVING For large moves, CMS facilities and receiving services are available to domestic and global clients’ needs. We consolidate.

FURNITURE ASSEMBLY This CMS service is the one that everyone forgets, but no one remembers until it’s too late. We make it easy to set up beds, cabinets, shelving and whatever you would rather someone else complete. We put things together.


ELECTRONIC, VIDEO & AUDIO INSTALLATION How would your move be complete without your music, video and electronic equipment operational as soon as possible? We turn on your world.

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ART & FIXTURE PLACEMENT Your prized objects d’art and wall fixtures will be meticulously hung, placed or attached to your wall or ceilings, on order. We add the fine touches.

DRYWALL INSTALLATION CMS can design, install and finish drywall soffits, walls and dividers in your new home prior to your arrival. We divide you space.

LIGHT & HEAVY CLEANING Before you arrive and after you leave your residence, CMS does the once over, or the deep cleaning your residence deserves. We do the clean sweep.

GENERAL REPAIRS CMS does all those minor repair that some forgot or haven’t had a chance to do. But they need to be done, now. We fix things up.

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